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Guest Comments

Dear guests,

Thank you for registering for our Saisho Goma Ceremony. We hope that everyone who was able to participate enjoyed the ceremony and the very special atmosphere.

We would appreciate if you could give us your feedback on the ceremony and share your impressions with us. We will publish selected contributions on this page. To send us your comment, please click on the button “Add Comment”. Thank you very much.

Sophia     25 Juli 2009 12:59 |
From Sophia: A lot of happiness! for you.

Atze     25 Juli 2009 12:59 |
Best wishes from Atze from Berlin.

Jarven     25 Juli 2009 12:59 |
Just thanks.

Guest     25 Juli 2009 12:58 |
I have never been so moved by an event in my life. What a wonderful message to the world. Shinnyo-en and the Honorable and venerable Shinso Ito should be commended for their exceptional work in the service of peace and harmony and the good of the human family.

Tina     25 Juli 2009 12:58 |
To Shinnyo-Keishu-Sama: „Thank you so much. May your days be blessed.“

Guest     25 Juli 2009 12:58 | Singapore
Thank you very much, Shinnyo-Keishu-Sama

Guest     25 Juli 2009 12:58 |
Thank you for making this possible. It’s been great.

Gast     25 Juli 2009 12:57 |
Eine wunderbare Zeremonie.

Simone und Dagmar     25 Juli 2009 12:57 |
Danke schön! Lasst uns gemeinsam zum Weltfrieden hinsteuern.

Gäste     25 Juli 2009 12:57 | Frankfurt
Ein schöner Tag! Vielen Dank und Gruß von der Frankfurter Gemeinde!

Guest Comments
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