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Guest Comments

Dear guests,

Thank you for registering for our Saisho Goma Ceremony. We hope that everyone who was able to participate enjoyed the ceremony and the very special atmosphere.

We would appreciate if you could give us your feedback on the ceremony and share your impressions with us. We will publish selected contributions on this page. To send us your comment, please click on the button “Add Comment”. Thank you very much.

Kokila     25 Juli 2009 13:05 | Berlin
It was wonderful. Thank you!

Mirella D.     25 Juli 2009 13:05 |
Thank you fo making it all possible.

John and Makiko Malloy     25 Juli 2009 13:05 |
Thank you so much for such a wonderful ceremony. We really enjoyed it!!

Guest     25 Juli 2009 13:04 |
Bravo! What a wonderful event with a wonderful feeling.

Franziska     25 Juli 2009 13:04 |
Konichiwa! It was really interesting to watch your moves during the ceremony. I was singing in the Bridgechoir. Thank you for all and let us hope that freedom will soon be all over the world.

Richie Rose     25 Juli 2009 13:04 | München
That was a very nice day in Berlin. Truly.

Daniel     25 Juli 2009 13:03 | Kenya
Today was a big and *** day for me. Ceremony was very good especially advocating for oneness and harmony for the world at large. Greatful and may peace prevail.

Maruka Hara     25 Juli 2009 13:03 |
Thank you very much!

Mikako Kobayashi     25 Juli 2009 13:03 |
Thank you very much for holding the Saisho-Homa in Berlin.

Stefan     25 Juli 2009 13:03 |
Wonderful ritual. Thanks a lot

Guest Comments
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