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Guest Comments

Dear guests,

Thank you for registering for our Saisho Goma Ceremony. We hope that everyone who was able to participate enjoyed the ceremony and the very special atmosphere.

We would appreciate if you could give us your feedback on the ceremony and share your impressions with us. We will publish selected contributions on this page. To send us your comment, please click on the button “Add Comment”. Thank you very much.

Gilles     25 Juli 2009 13:08 | Paris

Guest     25 Juli 2009 13:07 |
Great arena. Great stage. Great music. Greetings from a friend.

Guest     25 Juli 2009 13:07 |
Thank you for the wonderful service, filled with hope.

Yumi O.     25 Juli 2009 13:07 |
Thank you very much. I will begin building bridges (new bridges) all around me from today.

Clarence     25 Juli 2009 13:07 |
I'm very greatful for this experience! Wonderful ceremony!

Joel Harris     25 Juli 2009 13:06 |
Thank you for a wonderful week.

Guest     25 Juli 2009 13:06 |
It's been a highlight. Thank you for the organization of this event.

Bernard Jennings     25 Juli 2009 13:06 | London
It was a wonderful and inspiring service. Thanks and gassho to all who made it happen.

Guest     25 Juli 2009 13:06 |
WOW! What an impressive event! Thank you for the good time!

Adriana     25 Juli 2009 13:05 |
Very interesting. Thanks for the opportunity to know more about Shinnyo-En.

Guest Comments
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