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At the Berlin Conservatoire for Turkish Music, over 20 singers from various countries have found a place where they can make music together and practise new pieces.

The choir of the Conservatoire is a product of the famous Kreuzberg mix of different cultures and ways of life. The choir has made a name for itself far beyond Kreuzberg and the city limits of Berlin. Appearances in the Philharmonie, the RBB’s Rundfunksaal, and Turkey itself have made the choir into a poster campaign for high quality Turkish music that is “made in Germany.” 

The choir’s repertoire includes pieces from many periods of Turkish and Islamic culture. Alongside secular music, the choir also regularly performs religious Islamic pieces.
The choir is led by Nuri Karademirli, the founder of the Berlin Conservatoire for Turkish Music. Karademirli, a trained musician on the ud (a traditional stringed instrument), founded the Conservatoire in 1998 so that people could gain a comprehensive education in Turkish classical and folk music in Germany. Since then, over 300 students from Turkey, Greece, Britain, Germany, and other countries have studied at the Conservatoire.

Nuri Karademirli was excited by the Saisho Homa from the very beginning: “We’re delighted to be implementing this project together with Shinnyo-En, and at the same time creating a symbol in Berlin for dialogue between cultures and religions.”



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